Ajeet Rural Development Foundation


  • AJEET RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION was founded of 9th of September 2003, Registered under Public Charitable Trust 1950 and Society registration act 1860 bearing No F/988 & Guj /992/Dahod, as a non-communal, non-government and non-political organization by a group of dedicated persons working in the field of rural development. AJEET RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION’s sincere efforts have been reciprocat2ed by various communities. It is working in the form of community development action, mobilizing outside and local resources, being a genuinely development-oriented organization, AJEET RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION has been able to play the role a CATALYST in its operational area and garner public support for its quality work, transparency and dedication.
  • AJEET RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION has established good relations with Government agencies, local intellectuals and elected representatives. It is working towards creating an interface between the communities’ women, poor and marginalized, on one hand and the government officials, elected representatives and intellectuals of the area, on the other.
  • AJEET RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION is already into its 18 years of operations, during this period we has carved out a niche for itself in the development sector through its long standing commitments on some key social and human development issues coupled with good Programme strategies.
  • AJEET RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION is working towards facilitating community level development action groups, especially women, children and other underprivileged.
  • While implementing different developmental projects, our trust has always been to secure peoples participation by using local knowledge, local and cost-effective technology and other indigenous resources.


  • We envision a society where each individual would capable to contribute socially, economically, politically, ideologically and mentally towards affluence of the society and would have an equal stake in very function of the society. 


  • To learn development mutually from people, replicate and help them for self-development.  

Our Locations:

  • Ahmadabad (Urban , Rural & Slum )
  • Dahod ( Tribal Area)
  • Gandhinagar
  • Sabarkantha

Name: State Bank of India 

Branch: Saijpur Bogha 

Ac No: 30397014790