Arham Yuva Seva Group


  • AYSG core comprises of a diverse mix from college going students to successful businessmen from varied walks of life.
  • They collectively organize and execute various activities from social causes ranging from humanitarian causes to animal welfare.
  • In life, like-minded individuals, akin to birds of a feather, usually flock together! Such is the common thread of ARHAM YUVA SEVA GROUP (AYSG).
  • ARHAM’ for AYSG means an inner call to give up the ego, overcome anger, exercising self-control and being passionate.
  • It acts as a directive to channel power, vigour, exuberance and boundless energy of youth since it is this pure state of mind that fosters selfless service to mankind.
  • Dedicated individuals, under guidance and supervision, were inducted into AYSG.
  • From a group of 50 dedicated individuals, AYSG now has more than 1200 members and presence all across India and abroad. From Mulund, Ghatkopar, Borivali, Kandivili, Andheri, Mira Road, Sion, Chinchpokli, Malad in Mumbai to Rajkot and Vadodara in Gujarat to Kolkata and Chennai, AYSG has more than 60 centres across India which are striving towards enriching lives of millions of underprivileged people.
  • AYSG is now involved in activities in various fields including healthcare, education, rural development, animal welfare, widow mother support and community development among others. 
  • Ranging from assistance to individuals and families in need; providing employment to the unemployed; caring for animals and birds; medical support; providing poor children with school fees and books, medical aid for birds hurt during kite flying festivals; monthly distribution of ration and clothes; offering seasonal fruits, ice cream, kulfi, sherbets to fight the sweltering heat; blanket distribution in winter and umbrellas / raincoats during monsoon; feeding animals and preventing animals from being forcefully taken away for slaughter; distribution of sweets on festive days to the poor and hungry; arranging a religious pilgrimages for inmates of an old age home and much more.
  • Initiation of every AYSG member involves dedicating eight hours a month for AYSG activities.
    Well directed efforts during these two hours every week, usually on a Sunday, has brought about a sea change in the lives of the underprivileged and the needy.
  • This has also transformed the way of life for the AYSG member – instilling in them a sense of discipline, purpose, happiness, joy of belonging, and teaching them how to optimize efforts through team work, leadership, time management and other skills.
  • It has been delightfully observed that humbling experiences of selfless service makes AYSG members think, act and speak in a way possible only when an individual is at peace with self. 
  • Giving, as we say again and again, is an act of self-discovery – and always has been!

Our Mission:

  • Build a world where all youth are educated, loved & blessed!

Our Vision:

  • A way of life that makes youth invest their spare time in activities that earned for them rich moral and spiritual dividends.

Our Story:

  • AYSG – Inspired by Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb, started as a trickle in Mulund, a suburb in Mumbai, in November 2005, simply by channelling compassionate energy of individuals into a collective force. 
  • It was a movement that soon swelled into a wave, to touch the lives and livelihoods of thousands in a positive manner.


  • Limca book of Records recognized efforts of Arham Yuva Seva Group towards helping the society helplessly and making scrap turn into the education in real sense.
    An award for collecting highest Waste Paper throughout the country in 2015. (Maha Pasti Abhiyaan)
  • ISKCON Annamrita presents the Certificate of Appreciation to Arham Yuva Seva Group for extending whole hearted support to the Midday meal project being implemented by ISKCON FOOD RELIEF FOUNDATION to feed underprivileged school children in Maharashtra.