Chaitanya Charitable Trust


  • Chaitanya Charitable Trust is a non-profit, non-government organisation (NGO) that works primarily with the slum population in Jamnagar, Gujarat to improve children’s education.
  • Hitesh and Kajal have been working for 25 years for the slum area of Jamnagar and support to education, health, women empowerment, employment, environment and human relief.
  • They are one of the small groups with our different business and profession and spare our time and money for the vulnerable sections of the society, especially children, women and youth and elder people of the slum area of Jamnagar and district.
  • Their management cost is zero, because we all trustees and mentors do not get a single rupee or any honorarium so a given donation goes directly to the beneficiary.
  • They need Our support for different projects. Do come and support our nation.
  • MISSION:  “Chaitanya Charitable Trust seeks to advance the lives of the poor and disadvantaged with programs that promote health and human services, education, slum development, and women’s empowerment to empower individuals to rise above their current situation.”
  • VISION: ‘Empowerment through capacity building and with provision of inputs to the deprived downtrodden. Awareness towards right to live with equal opportunities. Serving mankind for the improvement in quality of life.’
  • Chaitanya is one of the registered organizations under 12A, 80G, FCRA, Niti Aayog and MCA (CSR Registration No. : CSR00014252 Dated: 03-09-2021)
  • Thier Location: Jamnagar, Gujarat

Bank Details

Name of the the account:  CHAITANYA CHARITABLE TRUST   

Name & Bank A/c No. :  PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK A/c 4115000100009388

Branch Address:  Punjab National Bank: Udyog Nagar, ShankarTekri, And Jamnagar-361004

MICR Code: 361024002


Branch Code No.4115

Customer No. : 700421150

Google Pay ID : 9428986026 and Paytm ID : 7405775787 for easy online Donation.