Happy Faces Vadodara


  • Happy Faces is a voluntary public welfare organisation in Vadodara that provides a basic level of aid to those in need, and oftentimes caters emergency care as well. These services are usually provided without any charge.
  • Happy Faces Vadodara was founded by Mr. Piyush Khare on 10th May, 2015. He is an entrepreneur by profession and a philanthropist at heart. He always wanted to be of little help to the society and always had a feeling of providing opportunity to the needy. So, he reached out to his school friends with this amazing idea of starting this group that came to be known as Happy Faces Vadodara.
  • Happy Faces Vadodara started off as an initiative by Mr. Piyush Khare and some of his friends as they started providing a basic level of assistance to people in need. It was founded with just 6 members initially and now Happy Faces Vadodara boasts of more than 400 active members. And the number is increasing considering the commitment towards a common cause and the rising popularity.
  • Some of the initial members making it a successful association are Amiruddin Dabhoiwala, Gulshan Raghani, Shehzad Shaikh, Mruga Dave, Nilofer Chaliyarwala, Avinash Sharma, Stuti Gaekwad, Ankit Sakseria.
  • Happy Faces Vadodara and its members go by the motto – “Live for a cause, not for applause”.
  • The Happy Faces Vadodara has, up till now, organized several events with and for the underprivileged people, especially children. We have done several events at the old age homes as well. Happy Faces Vadodara have done an event where underprivileged kids were made Happy with Joy Ride in Decorated Cars across the City.

Our Mission:

  • Our motto – “Service to mankind is service to God”. If we, the Happy Faces Vadodara Foundation, a group of individuals can bring a smile on the faces of the less fortunate, just think about the possibilities that can be brought about if each one of us caters towards the welfare of society. This is our mission. To bring about happiness and smile on the faces of people even if that is momentary.
  • We are constantly looking for opportunities of helping poverty stricken people wherever and whenever possible. The objective is to improve lifestyle and social reforms in life of people belonging to the low income group who are productive-poor and our primary target are the children. Children are the future and we can make the future better if start taking action now itself.

Our Vision:

  • “Poverty alleviation” through providing opportunities to all the lesser fortunate souls. There is room for each and every one to grow and succeed if we as human beings commit to give them a chance.
  • We at Happy Faces Vadodara believe that anyone can make a difference in the society if we want to and commit to it. Everyone is philanthropist at heart and have a desire to give towards the betterment of the society. It is not about, “if one would ever feel compelled to give in their respective lifetimes.” The thing is they surely do. The question and “how and when.”