Jeevantirth Foundation


Jeevantirth is a non-profit organization that operates in Vadaj where one of the largest slum area of Ahmedabad is located. this organization plays a crucial role in addressing various social and economic  challenges within the community. It focuses on empowering women by providing them with employment opportunities.

Jeevantirth works for the welfare of children in the slum area, this likely includes educational programs, health services, and initiatives to keep children engaged in positive activities. By doing so, they aim to break the cycle of poverty by offering these children a better future.

One of the primary objectives of Jeevantirth is to uplift the entire community by working on poverty alleviation.

Apart from this Jeevantirth recognizes the importance of supporting the elderly population in the slum area. this could involve providing social support.

Overall, Jeevantirth is a multi-faceted organization that addresses a wide range of social issues in the Vadaj slum area.