Pratibha Foundation


  • Pratibha Foundation is believe in create a lovely environment around needy Children & Elders. The driving force of the NGO is an endeavor to do good for the underprivileged children of impoverished and backward villages, not only by attempting to facilitate quality education and healthcare at nominal costs, but also providing holistic worldly knowledge by introducing various activities.
  • Pratibha Foundation is a most popular NGO who encourage Children & Motivate Elders.


  • Pratibha Foundation began with a vision to uplift the down-trodden and backward masses.


  • There was once a dream that India would be a Superpower. It shall be realized only when all of them are uplifted, not just a select few.
  • This human resource is the biggest treasure the country has. Pratibha Foundation realizes this and it is our mission, to impart strong and profound, quality education to the children of rural villages. This is the dream of Mr. Sachin and also the mission motto of Pratibha Foundation.


  • A goal without a plan is just a wish. A strategy plan helps NGOs understand their problems.



  • On a very elementary level, SKY project has been initiated in Dena Village of Vadodara district, which is situated around 20kms away from Vadodara city. In the near future we plan to augment three additional SKY centers in three different villages of Waghodia Taluka, in Vadodara District.
  • Presently our team is diligently and dedicatedly working in “DENA PRATHMIK SHALA”, a government school in DENA village which has classes up to 8th grade. The school approximately has strength of 300 children studying in the current academic year.
  • We adopted a well-planned and tactical strategy for tackling all the problems. We refined our approach to fine tune according to the 3 objectives of SKY project, as stated earlier.


  • In the rural households, the men of the family often are the only ones working and once they leave for their day duties, it is the women who are left to manage and maintain the family and the household. An important thing to note here is that, the children, for the most of their time are under the guidance and supervision of their mothers. If the mothers are not versed in primary education, or are unaware of their duties of properly propelling their kids to successes, how can one hope for development and prosperity in the villages! Also, it is often the case that the women are subject to abuses by their husbands, but they are unaware of their rights and they are trapped in their sad lives, as they themselves are simple housewives, with no sources of income.

Bank Details:

Bank Name:- State Bank of India
Branch Name:- Cantonment Branch, Fatehgunj.
A/C. Name:- Pratibha Foundation
A/C. No.:- 32726046251 (Saving A/C)
IFS Code:- SBIN0004670