Ray Of Foundation


  • Ray of Light Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in the year 2014.
  • Goal:To be a ray of light in the lives where there is mere darkness or less light, be it animals,children or less fortunate people.
  • Registration Number: F/1607/Anand
  • 12 A Registration Number: CIT(Exemption) Ahmedabad/12AA/2020-21/A/10187
  • 80G Details:Approval Number : CIT(Exemption) Ahmedabad/80G/2020-21/A/10436
  • DIN & Order Number: ITBA/EXM/S/80G/2020-21/1027551068(1)
  • Our target population differs based on the situation i.e. Need based activities are done from time to time throughout the year. Generally our target groups are children, women, wild & stray animals and birds, and other vulnerable groups.
  • Our Location:
  • Anand
  • Vidhyanagar
  • Gana
  • Lambhevel
  • Halol
  • Nadiyad
  • Jambughoda