Sabar Sewa Trust


Sabar sewa¬† trust is a organization which is dedicated to serving the underprivileged in our society. The trust’s primary mission is to those who are less fortunate and lack a place to call home. Their focus largely centers around the working- class individuals, particularly laborers, who face the daily struggle of making ends meet. these hardworking often toil relentlessly to support themselves and their families but find themselves without the basic necessity of shelter.

The trust recognizes the dire circumstances these individuals face and aims to alleviate their suffering by offering them a safe and stable place to live. Sabar Sewa Trust not only addresses the immediate needs of the homeless but also contributes to the larger goal of social welfare and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone has a roof over their heads. Their dedication to the welfare of the poor is truly inspiring and makes a significant difference in the lives of those they serve.