SAJAG Charitable Trust


  • With the inspiration by Pujya Aacharya Udayvallabh Suri Maharaj, Sajag Group has undertaken several volunteering activities that are highly commendable.
  • Some of which are listed as under:
  1. Save Birds: Rescued around 24000 bird lives, especially during Uattarayan (Kites Festival), Who are injured due to glass coated threads used during kite flying. Provided constant support throughout day & night all year long by taking appropriate actions to save bird life.
  2. Kunda Vitaran (Water Pot Distribution): Distributed approximately 5000 Kundas (Water pots) absolutely free in all over Ahmadabad in the month of April/May to promote people to serve fresh drinking water for birds/animals outside their homes, when birds/animals are looking for water to quench their due to scorching heat.
  3. Ghas Vitran (Grass Distribution): Every Sunday involved in the distribution of approx 2500 kg grass to approx 300 cows in Panjrapol Ahmadabad.
  4. Chhas Vitran (Buttermilk Distribution): Distributed Buttermilk to traffic police officers, workers around metro train, etc. to protect them against scorching sun & heat in the month of May & June.
  5. Mediclaim: Involved in identifying Jain family members who are in need of mediclaim. Every year approximate 15 Jain families are provided with Medicalim worth Rs. 3 lakhs.
  6. Sadharmik Bhakti: Has provided help to approximately 200 families through grocery kit or cash money.
  7. Clothes / Stationery Distribution: Distributed clothing & school stationery to poor people across Ahmadabad.
  8. Sajag Bhojan Setu (Anukampa Daan): Involved every Sunday in distribution of satvik food to approx 300 people in Ahmadabad.
  9. Food For Dogs: Involved every day milk and toast (Biscuits) to approx 300 plus Dogs lives at Vasna Barrage area in Ahmadabad.
  10. Blind Scholarship: Giving the scholarships to blind students of Prakrit subject studying in Shri H. K. Arts College near Nehru Bridge in Ahmadabad quarterly basis give scholarship check to students.
  11. Shrut Daan to Sadhwiji Bhagwants: Give the pay to panditji who teach the Jain Sadhu- Sadhwiji Bhagwant for sever subject of Jainism, Nyay, Sanskrit, Prakrit etc. subjects.
  12. OPD Clinics: Opened the OPD base clinic for humans in Ahmadabad City Area (Kot Vistar) and give basic treatment against fever etc., and give the medicine at very low cost. Every month approx 700 patients taking the treatment.
  • In short, over several years, Sajag Group has provided dedicated services and is highly committed in different selfless ways for well being of living beings.