Tribhuvandas Foundation


  • Founded by Shri Tribhuvandas Patel, the Founder Chairman of Amul in July 1975, Tribhuvandas Foundation is an “Integrated Rural Health & Development Programme” of Amul which is inspired by the great success of round the clock health care services to the livestock of dairy farmers of Kaira. When he learnt about the experiences of the afflictions of the rural population due to lack of health care services in the villages of erstwhile Kaira district, he strongly felt the need to have health care services for the rural populace.  On his retirement, he donated the prize money of his “Ramon Magagsasy Award” and the fund he received from Kaira farmers for his life time service to them and set up this Foundation. Dr Verghese Kurien also played an active role in the initiation of this programme. 
  • Tribhuvandas Foundation was registered as a Charitable Trust under the Public Trust Act 1950, in July 1975. It derives its uniqueness from the fact that it is a need-based programme for villagers and is run by the villagers themselves. It fulfils the basic health care needs of the villages. Apart from providing primary treatment for various common ailments, it is also actively involved in promoting preventive health practices. It is headquartered at Anand with sub-centers spread over the districts Anand and Kheda. It has a dedicated team of Medical Officers, Nurses, Administrative Staff and Village Health Workers. Today, Tribhuvandas Foundation is one of the Asia’s Largest Community Health Care Service Providers that covers more than 850 villages.  

Major Achievements:

  • The Foundation has been a recipient of the First Prize for the “Best Efforts in Family Welfare in the Voluntary Sector” from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India in 1993.
  • The Foundation has been identified by Government of Gujarat to provide training inputs to members of Village Health and Sanitation Committees of Village Panchayats of all the villages of Umreth, Anklav and Anand Talukas of Anand District.
  • The Foundation has achieved a drastic reduction in percentage of Low Birth Weight in Anand and Kheda districts – birth of babies with below 2.5 kg has been 11% at the end of year 2008-09, while it is 25-30% and even up to 40% in some parts of India and Gujarat.
  • ‘Balwadi’, initiated by the Foundation across the rural community led to the initiation and operation of Government-run ‘Anganwadis’.
  • In association with Sankara Eye Hospital, the Foundation has helped in performing 6000 surgeries free-of- cost for the vision impaired patients. The efforts are on to organize the camps for detection and improvement of vision of the rural people.
  • The Foundation has also created a strong platform for organized training of rural women on appliqué/handicrafts where the additional income is generated for them by selling their works.


  • To aspire to be a model and relevant primary healthcare organization having ability to understand and implement need-based health programming and ability to formulate and contribute to futuristic health programming for an enlightened cheerful healthy community.


  • Tribhuvandas Foundation is a very unique organisation in terms of its funding; as the projects are funded by the same communities that the organisation strives to serve.
  • We are always conscious while providing our services to the community, keeping in mind that the money we get is the hard earned money. The quality of our services is maintained at all levels. The costs for all such services are kept as low as possible. The administrative expenses are also low as we try to carry out day-to-day functioning in a modest way. It is our conscious decision to spend maximum amount of funding on programs so that the program interventions attain standard benchmarks and yield high quality with the low costs. For example, proper breastfeeding is our choice of intervention – it is at a very low cost and gives high yields. By proper implementation of breastfeeding, the infant mortality rate in the community has gone down by almost 20%.

Our Quality Policy:

  • We provide optimum care to our patients.
  • We are an efficiently organised and highly motivated team in providing this care.
  • We continuously increase our resources, skill and knowledge to provide the best care to our patients.
  • We continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management system.
  • We review and update our quality indicators/ objectives periodically.