Visamo Kids Foundation


  • Education is for all and every individual has to right to receive education, says loud Pooja Manjula Shroff. Manjula Shroff is the founder of the Visamo Kids Foundation and Visamo Kids Foundation is indeed her brain-child.
  • Under the constant guidance and supervision of Dr. Manjula Shroff, Visamo Kids Foundation has created a facility that can host >100 with mission to transform the lives of less privileged yet high potential kids through formal K-12 education in English.
  • Visamo Kids Foundation (VKF), an Ahmadabad based NGO, works towards providing free education to poor children coming from underprivileged (under poverty line) families from all over Gujarat.
  • Visamo, a truly sustainable, fresh, vital and dynamic initiative, started off with 18 underprivileged children from the poorest of the poor families from earth quake affected regions of Gujarat.
  • Visamo liaised with NGOs operating at grass root levels, to identify kids across the State and with the premium English medium schools for admission of Visamokids. The response was encouraging, with several schools stepping ahead to partner with VKF and offer free quality education.
  • They contributed their time and resources to contribute towards the noble cause. The tripartite form of partnership of Visamo with NGOs, schools and community transformed an institution into an alive organisation, throbbing with life, smiles and excitement that paved way to building lives and life stories.
  • Registration Number of NGO-7732.